Wear Color with Confidence in 5 Easy Steps

Our world is filled with color and each hue comes with its own meaning, as well as the power to affect our minds and bodies in different ways. Scientific studies have shown that red raises blood pressure and quickens the pulse. Blue, by contrast, slows down body activity and stimulates the mind. Green helps us to feel calm and balanced. Surrounding ourselves with color can have a profound effect on both our psyche and our mood.

But what about wearing color? Many women profess that they have a closet full of black and I have to (gently) break it many of them that black is not one of their best colors. Black can be a powerful, serious color, but it doesn’t exactly fill you with exhilaration or make you happy. Sure, black goes with everything, but it can also be very draining, making you look years older than you are. Who wants that?

Bold colors, on the other hand, can make you feel hopeful, happy and excited. Aside from how colors can make you feel, I want you to think about how they make you look. Wearing the right colors can help you stand out from the crowd and get you noticed. Have you ever put on a top in the perfect shade for you and just felt like, WOW? It really can affect how you see yourself, and how your whole day goes, so I encourage you to experiment with color and find those colors that make you pop!

Here are a few tips for finding your best colors and incorporating color into your wardrobe.

1/ Wear Your Hair Color
The very first color I teach my clients to wear is their hair color. It may seem unexpected, but wearing your haircolor in the same way you would wear black (pants, shoes, jackets, etc) will create a personalized look and be much more flattering. If your hair is black, try wearing charcoal or a deep brown. Many women tell me they wear black because they don’t know what else to wear. Well, start here and wait for compliments to fly!

2/ Your New Neutrals
While many women may not give a second thought to the neutral colors they wear, it’s important that you choose colors that are right for you. Your haircolor will become a new go-to neutral for you, but to find another neutral (or more), look to the colors in your hair.

Most of us have more than 1 color in our hair, whether natural or colored, and when you use your highlights/lowlights as your guide you create a personalized color palette that puts all eyes on you. Look closely and find colors that may not be obvious, but will look amazing when you wear them in your clothes.

3/Wear Your Eye Color
Another one of the best colors for you to wear is your eye color. It brings the focus on your eyes, making you appear more personable. And if your eyes are blue or green, your eyes will become magnetic!

4/ Universal Shades
Do you realize how flattering some colors are to all skintones? From the palest white to the deepest ebony, try a turquoise, teal or other blue-green and see how gorgeous it can make your skin look! Honeysuckle pink and cornflower blue can also be very flattering to just about everyone. So if you’re stumped by what shades to wear, start here and know you can’t go wrong.

5/ The Power of Brights
Brights can put the WOW in your wardrobe and take your neutrals to new heights! Ensure you have the right shade for your coloring, as well as your personality, and temper your brights to suit your personal intensity. If a color overwhelms you, try a lighter shade. If it washes you out, steer clear and find something that lights you up. Hint: what’s the one color that feel great in? Wear that one.

If you’re not used to wearing color, start out slowly. Once you find a few shades that are really ‘you’, you won’t look back! While determining your best colors may be a scientific process, wearing color with confidence doesn’t have to be rocket science. Let’s color you beautiful!

Note from Mary Michele:
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