Who are you dressing for anyway?

As a woman many of us grow up to be people-pleasers, and that can even include the clothing that we wear.  We wear what our mom picks out as a kid, what your peers think is cool in high school, and often what our spouse or partner wants us to wear as an adult. Where does that leave you? 

Disconnected from your true self, wearing your ‘shoulds’ and dressing for everyone but you!  This sends the message that you don’t matter and that everyone else’s opinion is more important than your own. 

But that’s simply NOT true! Your own opinion is the MOST important one when it comes to what you wear.  You want to wear what lights you up and makes you feel amazing! You GET to dress for who you are – your real, beautiful and authentic self. You GET to wear clothes that fit your body, hug your curves and feel confident about who you are.

Clothes that express your personality and tell the world who you are – be as gentle or as BOLD as you like. ️

Dressing for someone else can leave you feeling out of sync with yourself and confused about who you really are. But choosing your own clothes and putting together a bomb look is one of the daily pleasures of life!  So here are a few trips to start dressing your gorgeous self so you can shine your own light:

1/ Add some color wear a color that you LOVE and that lights you up! You’ll feel your energy shift and your confidence soar!

2/ Dress for the body you’re in now – If you’re hiding behind frumpy clothes because you’re afraid to show your shape, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Wear clothes that REALLY fit and you’ll take off 10 pounds!

3/ Express yourself – Dress for who you really are, and wear something that tells your story. Mixed prints, a feminine blouse, bold jewelry or flowy layers…whatever it is you LOVE will help you to feel more you!

And that’s what it’s all about, right? You DESERVE to dress for the amazing woman you are, every single day! Need help? Take our free Style ID quiz (https://shopstylefinder.com/pages/styleid-quiz) and find out what your true style is!

Want to go deeper? Email me at michele@shopstylefinder.com and let’s chat about creating a style strategy that helps you nail it every time!