About Me

About Mary Michele


Mary Michele Nidiffer (just Michele, please) is on a mission to help women boost their image, build their credibility and stand out like a rock star in their industry.


 As a Master Style Coach, Founder of StyleFinder Boutique and Creator of the StyleFinder School of Style, she knows firsthand that you can be pleased with nothing if you are not pleased with yourself and is committed to creating resources to empower women to feel beautiful from the inside out. 

Growing up in Southern Pines, Mary Michele is a North Carolina native who knows how challenging it can be to have low self-esteem and zero self-confidence. Struggling as a pre-teen and into adulthood with these issues, she sought to make herself over from the inside out and understands how empowering it can be to feel great in your own skin, as well as in your clothes.


In 2008 she launched her style coaching practice after being asked by countless women to help them ‘find their style’. Mary Michele realized she had stepped into more than just a new career path – she had uncovered her purpose! Passionate about helping women discover their unique signature style, she created her proprietary StyleFinder ID® System to empower her clients with a clear understanding of their true style and how to dress for who they are. It has been magical to see these transformations again and again!

Mary Michele boldly guides women who want to live their best life to step into their own authentic style through one-on-one coaching, group workshops, products, programs, speaking and corporate training designed to help women bring out their very best every step of the way.


It is her purpose to help women around the world overcome self-image issues and redefine beauty on their own terms.


Mary Michele hosts a weekly podcast, Style by Mary Michele, available on iTunes, Spotify and anywhere you listen to podcasts. 


She is also a national speaker, freelance writer, wine enthusiast and foodie who lives with her husband and four children in Raleigh, NC. Some of her favorite things include dark chocolate, cooking, Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley, anything handcrafted, walking in nature, travel, and living life on purpose. She believes all women have a story and wants to help bring a happy ending to yours!


Want to learn more? Let’s connect! Set up a Get Acquainted call (click here) and learn how to find your style, fall in love with yourself and find the joy in everyday!


 Cheers to your beautiful life! XOXO