• 5 Signs Your Clothing is Visually Adding Pounds to Your Bottom Line
    Looking your best involves playing up your assets and downplaying your flaws considerations.  I don’t like to use the word flaws, as I don’t believe that anyone is flawed.  However, we all have those parts of us that drive us crazy and we wish we could just zap with a laser beam and be done
  • Does Your Closet Include Courage?
    “It takes courage to show up and become who you really are.” – e.e. cummings When you look at your closet what do you see? A few tops, some pretty dresses, a couple of jackets…but what about courage? You may not realize it but your clothing holds the power to give you that which you
  • How to Wear Cropped Pants
    Cropped pants, capris, clamdiggers. They may be known by many names but these short pants have become known and loved by women of all ages, shapes and sizes, and with good reason. Cropped pants offer a cool alternative to full-length trousers or jeans and are perfect for when the weather starts heating up. As popular
  • Wine Women & Style Podcast Launch and *$1K Giveaway*
    We are delighted to introduce our new podcast, Wine Women & Style!  What started some six years ago as a monthly gathering with wine and a short style presentation has grown into something much more incredible, and our mission is to empower women across the globe!  Just for listening, we’re going to be giving away
  • How Creating A Capsule Can Transform Your Wardrobe
    I’m a big believer in creating a wardrobe strategy yet I know that many women don’t even know where to begin. While color may seem like the obvious place to start, learning how to leverage the power of color to work for you – not against you – and to guide you in knowing what
  • Who are you dressing for anyway?
    As a woman many of us grow up to be people-pleasers, and that can even include the clothing that we wear.  We wear what our mom picks out as a kid, what your peers think is cool in high school, and often what our spouse or partner wants us to wear as an adult. Where does that
  • Wear Color with Confidence in 5 Easy Steps
    Our world is filled with color and each hue comes with its own meaning, as well as the power to affect our minds and bodies in different ways. Scientific studies have shown that red raises blood pressure and quickens the pulse. Blue, by contrast, slows down body activity and stimulates the mind. Green helps us